Renovating the Sunroom

It needed it after 30 years.


The room was added to the house in 1986 and now desperately needed a makeover. The woodwork paint was flaking and the walls had cracks….all normal, I guess, after 30 years of house movement from winter-summer thermal flexing and the earthquakes we get here in Ottawa from time to time.

Over time I’ve learned to do most everything so now I’m comfortable with all the plastering, painting, electrical and plumbing that most house reno work entails. And I’ve built up a good set of tools. Pat got me a set of Dremel tools for Christmas 2 years ago and they are fantastic. The oscillating tool cuts and sands providing results that you just can’t get any other way; it is so handy for tight corners.

During 35 years of work in technology I usually found my mind was fully occupied but my hands were still. Now, as I enjoy my last 10,000 days doing what I want to do, I find my hands are busy and my mind is free.

Physical work provides proof of accomplishment that is different from what you experience in business. You walk into a room you’ve renovated and see the result of your efforts……and if well done, you feel the pride of workmanship each time you see it. You can look at business results on a screen or piece of paper and feel the pride …… BUT ….. in business, and sales in particular, achievements often seem fleeting … ephemeral. In the business world the urgency of the present forgets the past very quickly.

The pics, with comments, are here:

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