Extra Virgin 2015 Northern Secret Maple Syrup


Pat said – lets tap our maple trees!

It’s clearly for fun because the economics make no sense at all.
We went online and reviewed a lot of info there…..very helpful……and I talked to Bob for a while as he has friends that have done this for years.
On April 3, I put up 6 pails at about 3 pm and by 6 pm we had 10 quarts or so of raw sap……enough to try a first boil. She strained it through cheesecloth to get rid of the bark bits and put it on the stove. The first boil is the extra, extra virgin maple syrup……and it is actually very good. I can taste the terroir of the property!
I don’t think the sap had really started to run here yet when we started on April 3rd…..not many (any?) days above 0 C until we got home. So I think we caught the beginning of the  run here in Rockcliffe…..we’ll see.
It was a beautiful day here on April 4, 12 C and sunny, so there were a lot of folks out walking and sightseeing. What’s interesting is that people driving by were stopping …… and even backing up ……. to see the pails on the trees. Perhaps we can set up the “Northern Secret Sugar Shack” tourism business. We can repackage the Quebec syrup from the Ottawa Market (watered down of course) and sell it out the front door in tiny little fancy bottles with artistic labels claiming that it is an “eco” product from our 4 trees.
Today its April 12 and its supposed to be really warm…16 C in the afternoon. Its just before noon and I  checked the spyles and the trees are all starting to run fairly well. Even the big one out back which has been in a colder nano-climate looks like it is getting going today for the first time. It is well over 100 years old and pretty huge is so I’m expecting a lot from it when it starts to run.
Our single day record so far has been 30 quarts of sap……maybe we’ll set a new record today? It looks like we’re finally warming up now as the forecast calls for consistently above 0 C temps at night and 12 C to 15 C during the days. I suspect the sap run will not last too long in this heat…..and that’s fine we don’t want to do this for too long……..it just for fun.
And I don’t want to go spending a stupid amount  on propane……let’s not get crazy about this. Looks like a standard tank will do a boil down on 4 full (30 quart) country cooker pots. I have enough for 1 more 30 quart pot and then I will need to refill my 2 tanks. What else do I need at The Costco?
Here’s the 6 pics with comments:

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