The Swamp Tour – March 20, 2015 on the Mississippi Delta Tour

This tour was a good 2 hours of new experience.


In my original email I wrote:

Driving out of Nawlins with Brunhillda leading the way was pretty easy. The highways around the city can be really busy. On the way into town I told Pat that the routes we were on felt a lot like the 401 at rush hour, only with 4 lanes each way instead of 8 or more.

The speed limit on most of the highways we’ve been using is 70 MPH and traffic in the left lane seems to run between 75 and 80. Nothing crazy but you certainly have to get along with the flow or you’ll get run over.
Gas prices here are such a pleasure for SUV owners. Best I’ve seen is $2.07; best I’ve filled at was $2.09. Usual range is $2.15 to $2.30 or so. At $2.20 with an FX of 1.2 that is 70 cents CDN per liter. Sure, I only get 22 MPG on the highway……but when I’m filling the tank for ~ $60 CDN I sort of don’t care so much any more.
As we drove to the Swamp Tour, which was on the way to our condo here in Gulf Shores, we heard a fairly large “bang” on the windshield and yup……the big ugly truck carrying the dumpster container in front of us had thrown a rock and put a crack in the windshield. Its a Loonie sized circle that fortunately it is well to the left of the driver’s prime view at about 9 on the clock. I called a glass chip repair service here in Gulf Shores and they came to our condo and filled it with resin in the parking lot in about 15 minutes for $50. I’m pleased with the result. It barely shows now and does not bother the driver at all. Its a 10 year old vehicle and I don’t want to put more money into it……but it’s in great shape….everything works properly, even the AC.
Pat wanted to get us to the 11:30 boat and Brunhillda was showing our ETA as 11:28…… I stepped on it and we picked up a couple of minutes on the ETA and pulled into the parking lot with about 4 minutes to spare……hopped onto the boat and away we went.
There were houses along the river. Some are working fishermen’s homes. The pic of one shows a girl dangling her feet to the water……is that safe in a gator area like this? I don’t know…..but there she was; perhaps a sort of Darwinian filter on risk taking?
We saw one smallish gator….the surprise was the feral hogs. The tour guide said they first saw 3 two years ago and now they count 27. We saw a ton of piglets ….. so they do breed fast. He says they’ll bring in a hunter and shoot some to control the population at some point……..but right now I suspect they’re a good tourist attraction for their swamp trips.
It was a 2 hour cruise and well worth $18 each. A great way to enjoy beautiful day.
Then we drove on 3 hours to Gulf Shores.
Don and Pat
The pics are here:

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